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Beijing Preacher: Chinese Christians should care about Sinicizing Christianity

By Issachar Li
on August 11, 2015 12:08 PM

Bible and Cross:

On Aug. 9 Sunday worship service, Junxi Zhang, Pastor of Chaoyang church in Beijing, encouraged Chinese Christians to care about Sinicizing Christianity. He also said that it needs each and every individual to take the responsibility.

 "Christian development in China has gained eye-catching achievement", said Pastor Zhang. He shared the followings achievements. 1) Chinese Christian population grew to tens of millions from hundreds of thousands. 2) Christian in China performs combined worship services, instead of different factions. 3) Female pastors are very common in China. Pastor Zhang also questioned Christians' real concern about Chinese churches. With silence, he said one of the focuses should be Sinicizing Christianity.

As far as Christianity Sinicization is concerned, Pastor Zhang explained that we should base our understanding of work ethics, value and marriage view on the Bible.

According to his understanding, pastors' preaching should be based on the Bible and offer directions for Chinese Christians in regards of real-time social problems. Also, he said Christianity sinicization is about each and every Chinese Christian. But how? Pastor Zhang said we should combine Christian with Chinese identity, which is, being a good disciple of God and a good Chinese.

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