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Xi Jinping addresses the Palace of Westminster and Praises an Anti-Japanese Brit

By Ruth Wang
on October 24, 2015 02:10 AM

Lindsay's Family: Michael's Family in Oxford taken in 1945(credit: Wifipedia)
Wedding: Michael Lindsay and Hsiao Li Lindsay at Their Wedding(credit: Wikipedia)

After his arrival in London, Xi Jinping begins the first day of his four-day state visit to the UK. He addressed in Westminster Abbey, the chapel of Anglican Church, located in the same district as the Westminster Palace.

During the address, Xi greeted and gave his best wishes to the members of the UK Parliament on behalf of the Chinese government and people. He speaks that the source of the relationship development between China and UK comes from mutual understanding, support and friendship of the two countries.

Xi mentions 24 naval cadets who joined the Battle of Normandy during World War II. They didn't fear difficulty and fought bravely, which garnered the praise and rewards from previous Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Meanwhile, he recalls the deceased Michael Lindsay, who was in the House of Lords of the UK Parliament, who took active part in the Sino-Japanese war, helping China improve radio-communication equipment, sending rare medicine and communication equipment to the Chinese army at risk of his own life. History will always remember those who have made remarkable contributions to the friendship between China and the UK, promoting world peace and justice.

Michael Lindsay, after his graduation from Oxford, became a lecturer in China being invited by Chinese famous church university- Yenching University. He was a economics tutor who led and founded the Oxford tutor system. In Yenching University, he met his wife Hsiao Li Lindsay. That time Hsiao Li Lindsay was a student of Yenching University, they fell in love and then held their wedding in Yenching University.

During his teaching period, Michael helped the Chinese fight against the Japanese. He bought and transported lots of medicine and wireless communication equipment for the Chinese army base. He also helped rescue communists and assisted in transporting military devices. In addition, he wrote many news introducing the conditions of the Anti-Japanese base areas and contributed to foreign mainstream media such as the Times. At the same time, he shot the real conditions of the base areas.

Michael fought and lived in China for eight years. Both his son and daughter were born in base areas. He used a Zeiss Ikon camera made in Germany to photograph his life and the anti-Japanese days in Pingxi, the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei border area and the life of the army and people in Yan'an, which is kept to this day. After the victory of the Sino-Japanese War, he and his family returned to the UK in October, 1945. After the foundation of P.R.C, he and his family concerned about the development of China and visited China many times. He is an old friend of the Chinese people.

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