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A Fund to Help AIDS Patients Established on World AIDS Day, Initiated by Chinese Christians

By Grace Zhi
on December 04, 2015 23:12 PM

A Fund to Help AIDS Patients Established in Shanghai: The Indivual Donators In the Ceremony On World AIDS Day
Christian calligrapher, Xu Yihong: Christian Calligrapher, Xu Yihong Writes the Four Chinese Words “Ai Yu Sheng Ming”(“Love and Life”)

On Dec. 1, World AIDS day, a fund to help AIDS patients and care the medical staff who are fighting against AIDS was established by the Shanghai Charity Foundation. 

The foundation ceremony of the fund was held in the evening that day in Shanghai Daning Theatre. Shanghai writer Bian Bingbin, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer five years ago, on behalf of individual contributors, donated 500,000RMB ($78,160) to the first fund for AIDS in Shanghai. Bian said, until the afternoon of that day, the fund had collected supplies and art works by some artists worth than 3 million yuan.

The Chinese Christian blind painter Geng Jiayong introduced his creative ideas of his donated paintings in the evening ceremony. His paintings convey the calling of promising and progress and reflect the Christian spirit such as love, salvation and life using the colors collision(colors like sky blue, red and green). 

Another Christian calligrapher, Xu Yihong, donated his 70-meter-long calligraphy named "In the beginning was the Word" which covers the verses of the Bible from Genesis to Acts. He wrote the four Chinese words "Ai Yu Sheng Ming"("love and life" in English) in the air during the ceremony, which won the applause of the audiences.

Artist Nan Gezi, spent a whole year making an embroidered cheongsam(a traditional Chinese dress) called "Love and Life ", aimed at conveying the love for the ADIS patients. She read her original poem "the Chapter of Love".

Professor Lu Hongzhou, director of Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center's infectious diseases department and the PhD tutor, spoke that AIDS was not merely a medical problem but a social issue; So the society should increase the promotion of the AIDS prevention and anti-AIDS and the foundation of the fund can have great influence on preventing and controlling AIDS disease. 

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