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How Christians Treat Miracles?

By Issachar Li
on December 10, 2015 00:12 AM

Rev. Zhao Guangwei: Rev. Zhao Guangwei

People show different views toward miracles in a Sunday service.

The Bible records that Jesus has done 35 miracles in the world. Pastor Zhao, on a Sunday Serivce recently, said some people in churches object to miracles and they hold that there is no miracle after the Bible was written while some emphasize them. Others believe there are still miraculous signs in this age but they aren't the direction or purpose where we should pursue.

Zhao gave an example regarding the question: "should Christians take medicine when they are ill". Once a Christian held that he couldn't take pills when he caught cold, which Zhao disagrees with it. He pointed that Jesus said, "It's not the healthy who need a doctor" in the Bible and this meant the sick need a doctor. He stressed that hospitals and doctors are what God prepare for us and we shouldn't take going to see doctors, having pills and injections as oppositions to our faith.

Some may mention the Holy Spirit when it comes to miracles. He said even the Holy Spirit comes, it is to glorify Jesus. Then if a man is filled with the Spirit, he will definitely glorify Jesus. Similarly, a man who glorifies Jesus is filled with the Spirit.

He shared that we shouldn't take some personal actions in the Bible as teaching believers to do. For instance, David once danced while playing tambourine and it is good to act like him personally; Jeremiah cried out to pray, which doesn't mean you have to pray loudly for the Bible also records that Hannah prayed silently.

Besides, he believes that the demands about "uncovering the head", "Sabbath" and "circumcision" are relative but everything about Jesus are absolute, including his birth, death, resurrection, ascension and his second coming.

So what is the most important? We believe in the Trinity of God and the revelations in the Bible. The core of Christianity is the resurrection of Christ. It is the center of the Bible, including men were saved by Christ not by law in the time of the Old Testament. The Old Testament foretells Christ is the descendant of women and the lamb of God and Christ came as fulfilling the prophesy in the age of the New Testament. So men are saved by Jesus Christ not by law in any age.

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