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Chinese Christian Films Win The Golden Eagle Award of Global Chinese Gospel Micro-Films

By Grace Zhi
on December 11, 2015 01:12 AM

Sun Yue: Sun Yue, a Christian, wins the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The ceremony of the Golden Eagle Award of the Second Global Chinese Gospel Micro-Films was held in Taibei on Nov. 23. The micro-film Hope in the Regret by First Assembly of God Church of Malaysia won the Golden Eagle award. The work Above the Moon by Taiwan Unity Church won the Silver Eagle award and The Heartbeat of One Centimeter made by ORTV Arts&Media Center got the Bronze Eagle award.

Rev. Zhou Shenzhu, the head of Bread of Life Global Apostolic Network, said although micro movies look tiny, they are like small miracles. Small miracles become a big miracle, like a mustard seed grows into a tree after years, a blessing of churches and Chinese all over the world.

Besides, Sun Yue, a famous Christian actor from Taiwan, who engages only in charitable activities and performances for over twenty years, won the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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