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Why should Christians do daily devotion

By Hu Jingyan
on December 26, 2015 03:12 AM

Si Duoyong: Teacher Si Duoyong, serves in one church in Hangzhou

Christians should know they need to read the bible and pray every day. But why should Christians have daily devotion?

Si Duoyong, teacher and the senior pastor of a church in Hangzhou, shares his opinion. Si says grace accumulates with daily devotion. The source of sermons and counselling is God's word.

In his view, there is distinction between devotion and Bible-reading. He says, "Devotion is explaining some verses in detail which helps believers understand God's word in all directions. For example, today the devotion goes to being righteous through faith or deeds. There are many controversies over the issue in theology: some people think there is no deed needed if you have faith while others acclaim that no faith needed if you have deeds. Through devotion, believers understand that deed is the result and "verification code" of faith and deeds as the results can testify faith. They can't break up."

Many questions related to faith need to be pondered over, thought and prayed through devotion. Frankly, he confesses that he learns a lot from daily devotion. Although he never learns theology, he gains wisdom through daily devotion.

This goes the same with normal believers. Hearing Sunday sermons isn't enough for Christians who face daily affairs and the devotion can meet the needs of the spiritual growth.

For the way of devotion, Si gives his suggestion: four habits---"insisting", "writing it out", "application" and "the fellowship devotion". He stresses that devotion cannot be divorced from the Bible for all come from the Bible. 

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