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- November 25, 2017 -


Zhoukou CCCTSPM Enhances Living Standard of Clergies, Henan

By Grace Zhi
on January 08, 2016 03:01 AM

Church: (credit: pixabay)

In 2016 Zhoukou CCC&TSPM of Henan will enhance the life security of pastoral staff in the following aspects: increasing living allowance, purchasing insurances, visiting and establishing retired life support mechanism.

For a long time many preachers don't have fixed wages and fundamental life secure. Some don't dare to serve under the pressure of family and life. So there is a great loss of clergies. Recently Zhoukou CCC&TSPM makes a decision that they will take to guarantee life demands of clergies and the stability of clergies.

The official website of local Religious Affairs Bureau reports that Zhoukou will enhance the living security of clergies in five aspects:

1. To increase living allowance of clergies to ensure their stability

2. To purchase endowment insurances, half paid by the place and half by clergies themselves for clergies working in religious activity places

3. To purchase employee's medical insurance and industrial injury insurance for qualifies clergies

4. To build visiting mechanism in which churches will organize to visit for affairs like sickness, marriage or death of clergies and their direct relatives

5. To establish retired life support mechanism of clergies

Besides Zhoukou, Ningxia, Taian of Shandong, Yuexi of Anhui, Qidong of Jiangsu and Tangshan of Hebei have increased life allowance of clergies. 

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