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- January 20, 2018 -


Top 10 Christian News in Pictures of 2015 China

9.#The 100th Anniversary of Samuel Pollard's Death#: Chinese Churches and Society Pay Increasing Attention to This Foreign Missionary
1. #Publicness#: The Building Codes of Religious Buildings in Zhejiang Province, the Publicness of Christianity and the Future Relations between Politics and Religion
Urbanization: (CCD File Photo)(credit:
3.#Churches in the Countryside#: Reverse the Decline of Churches in the Countryside and Explore Their Potential
Christian Education#: Chinese Christian's Explorations for Christian Education
5.#Asia HomeComing Gathering#: Asia HomeComing Gathering Held in Hong Kong
6.#Mephibosheth Village & its founder, Xinwei#: “the Founder of Mephibosheth Village, Laid to Rest
7.#Mission China 2030#: First Mobilization Meeting of Mission China 2030 Held in Hong Kong
8.#Chinese Churches in Europe#: Second European Spiritual Revival Meeting Held in Paris
10.#Christmas Day#: Churches in China Offering Services to Society During the Christmas Season

Christian community reflected the various characteristics of 2015. CCD has selected China's Top 10 Christians News in 2015. With this retrospection, we wish to draw a clearer picture in China's Christian community for the past year and think about how to make churches in China better through the guidance of God in 2016. 

Top 10 Christian News in 2015 China: Gain Deep and broad understanding to China Christianity



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