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- November 25, 2017 -


Jiangsu Folk Religious Charitable Org Visits Leprosy Survivors, Sending Them Life Necessities

By Zhu Qiusuo
on January 21, 2016 06:01 AM

The Home of Reed Visit Lepers, Zhenjiang: On January 18, 2016, Zhenjiang Charity Federation, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Home of Reed visit a leprosarium on Mount Jiuhua

On January 18, 2016, Zhenjiang Charity Federation, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Home of Reed visited a leprosarium on Mount Jiuhua and improved the sanitary conditions of the residential house.

The visitors spent 3000 RMB to purchase new clothes, cotton quilts and shoes for seven elderly lepers who are cured and still live there to prepare for the Spring Festival. Besides, a foreign trade company donated a set of socks to each leper.

Most areas in China celebrate the custom of eating Laba congee, a Chinese ceremonial congee dish, on the eighth day of the twelfth month in the Chinese calendar. On January 17 the Laba Festival, the volunteers of the Home of Reed got up early to cook Laba congee at 4am and sent the congee, Chinese crullers to the leprosarium at 6:30 am.

Reed's Home, a private non-enterprise organization registered in Zhenjiang Civil Affairs Bureau, founded in August of 2014, aims at serving the disabled and elderly with the purpose "helping the unfortunate people with everything possible". 

Hao Hao, the head of the Home of Reed, introduces that their young volunteers are mainly Christians from Zhenjiang Gospel Church, Xuande Church, employees working in companies and undergraduates in Zhenjiang. The volunteers keep in touch with elder people, visit the elder every one or two weeks and care them from door to door when the season changes.

Every year Zhenjiang Charity Federation, founded in 2005, arranges visiting programs to care lepers living in the leprosarium on the Mount Jiuhua since 2011. Meanwhile, it connects companies and organizations to cooperate with the Home of Reed to visit lepers. Sometimes they send holiday blessings, basic necessities and emergency medicals to the elderly. Although they can't see, lepers can feel the warmth and hear familiar greetings from volunteers. When volunteers feed them on fruits and lead them to sing praise songs, some lepers even shed tears of joy.

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