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Senior Pastor of China’s first Mega-Church Removed, Official Announced

By Alice Wang
on January 22, 2016 03:01 AM

Gu Yuese(Joseph): File Photo of Rev. Gu praying(credit: ChinaChristianDaily)

Gu Yuese(Joseph), senior pastor of Chongyi Church, considered China’s first mega-church and largest protestant church ,is removed from his office. The latest official announcement states on January 18th,2016.
Rev.Gu Yuese is the senior pastor from the establishment of Chongyi Church, launched in 2005, Hangzhou, the provincial capital of Zhejiang. He also serves as the chairperson of committee of CCC(China Christian Council)of Zhejiang province.
CCC(China Christian Councial) and TSPM (Three-Self Patriotic Movement) are the two major Christian associations of the Protestan Churches in China.
“In order to promote self-construction of CCCTSPM of Hangzhou City, and the Church-Point(gathering place) management,”official statement released on Jan. 18th states that, “the CCCTSPM of Hangzhou City determine to conduct the following personnel changes: Rev.Gu Yuese, Chairman of CCC of Zhejiang province no longer serve as senior pastor of Chongyi Church.”
By far there are detailed explanations for this removal, and no formal response from Rev. Gu. Earlier than the official statement, Rev.Gu and his wife, Zhou Meilian, updated their personal sharing through WeChat “Friends Circle”, intimating this change as “freezing cold”. Below is part of this couple’s sharing.
“Dear family members of Chongyi Church...There is a rare freezing cold coming soon to Hangzhou city. Please take care and be sure to rely on the Grace of the Lord, going through this cold safely. Chongyi Church is also facing an unprecedented situation, which is also a chilling temptation. Please be sure to rely on the Grace, facing it and win...We recently canceled all of the service outside, for praying and seeking God’s Will and ask for His Grace...”
At the beginning of the new year, Rev Gu preached his sermon on the very first Sunday Service. He shared the message of “facing challenges by the grace of Lord”with the congregations.
Rev.Gu Yuese has been serving as the senior pastor of Chongyi Church for 11 years.Over the past years, churchgoers at Sunday Service and Meetings in Chongyi Church have increased from less than 2,000 in 2005 to over 10,000. Chongyi Church is considered China’s largest protestant mega-church.

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