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- December 18, 2017 -


How to Pray for Your Work and Life in February?

By Jemimah
on February 02, 2016 06:02 AM

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Today is February 1, the first day of February, Monday. February 7 marks the Chinese traditional Spring Festival Eve and 8 the Spring Festival, the first day on Chinese calendar.

China will embrace a public holiday lasting seven days for Chinese New Year, a 7-day public holiday. To start a new month, let's pray earnestly for our work and life in February.

"Dear Lord, thank you for guiding us peacefully through all the work and life in January and blessing us a new month. On the first day, I give all the sincere thanks, praises and prayers to you.

"Dear Lord, I commit all the work of Your House of February to You and put them in Your hands. Please look upon all the worship everywhere, and I put Sunday services, Children's Sunday School work, communion services and any other congregations including prayer meetings, Bible study, thanksgiving worship, evangelistic rallies and training programs ...all in Your hands so that our ministry can be after Your heart. You know we need to do cleaning and purchase goods to celebrate the Spring Festival...please grant us wisdom to arrange our time reasonably, concerning God's home and our home, and to live a balanced life without forgetting reading Bible, praying, attending churches, to hold fast to our spiritual life and pursue progressive, abundant life.

"Dear Lord Jesus, please bless leaders of churches, let them gain visions and directions for churches, arranging all the congregations during the Spring Festival holiday, doing everything and spending any cent according to Your will. Please also bless pastors and preachers, remember their efforts and devotion and let them preach truth in Your will to believers as life supply.

"Dear Lord Jesus, Chinese traditional New Year is the day when the world serves idols and false gods, committing sins with food, drinking and fun. There are many superstitious activities. Please grant us wisdom to conform to the pattern of the world no more and not be contaminated with worldly filth. Let us pursue harmony with the world and a holy life at the same time, living out the life to glorify God and men.

"Dear Lord Jesus, the Spring Festival is the time when family and friends gather together. Please let us preach the Gospel to them in the period and open their minds to accept you as their saviors and the Author of life.

"Dear Lord Jesus, please bless the evangelism during the holiday, through which more people can be saved and choosen, knowing You the only God and living God."

About the author: Jemimah is a preacher of a grass-root church in the North of China

Dear Lord Jesus, when people watch Chunwan, namely CCTV New Year's Gala, keep our heart so that we may pray with confessing all our sins in the past year. Let's abandon the old year and welcome the new year with new lives. Let's set new goals on and live out victorious, holy life.

Dear Lord Jesus, I beg you to pray perfectly for your every child, sitting at the right hand of heavenly father. In the victorious name of Jesus Christ, amen!

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