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- November 23, 2017 -


Christian Pop Singer G.E.M. Serves as a Music Teacher for Village Children

By Elsie Hu
on March 09, 2016 01:03 AM

G.E.M. serves as a music teacher:

Recently Christian singer G.E.M. engaged in charity as a volunteer of music teacher for the children in Xiang River Village of Hengyang, Hunan, marking her first public service activity in mainland China.

According to, in her short journey, G.E.M. designed the music courses for the children, taught them to perform vocal exercises and singing, developed an interesting vocal method combined with her guitar-playing and singing, which can be easily absorbed by these young students. 

During the rest time, the hot singer experienced the rural life including picking vegetables, chopping woods with the children and established a deep relationship with them through activities like playing games, singing, eating and flying kites, etc.

The singer claimed to do down-to-earth charity for the children living in the mountains in mainland China in the earlier interview, as West China City News reported.

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