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Yanjing Theological Seminary Celebrates World Book Day

By Joseph Wang
on April 25, 2016 23:04 PM

Yanjing Theological Seminary Celebrates World Book Day: (credit: Yanjing Theological Seminary)

On April 20, 2016, Yanjing Theological Seminary held a reading lecture and the award ceremony of the photography competition to celebrate the World Book Day with the theme - "knowing God through reading books with more wonderful life". 

The World Book Day is a yearly event falls on April 23rd, organized by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). On this day the world holds all kinds of activities to promote reading, writing and copyright.

The guest speaker, Rev. Chen Wenchang introduced the Meaning of Marriage written by Timothy Keller, and encouraged the seminary students to read paper books in the lecture. In Addition, he gave the example of C.S. Lewis, suggesting them to acquire systematic theology.  

Besides, twenty students got the "Book Prize" from four grades, according to the official website of the seminary. Forty-two students got awards in the photography competition.

Located in Qinghe Town in the northern suburbs of Beijing, the Yanjing Theological Seminary is the only Protestant educational institution in Northern China, one of the totally 18 theological seminaries in China.

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