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- December 15, 2017 -


Christian Celebrity Morrison Ni Encourages Drug Addicts to Get Rid of Addiction by Faith

By Grace Zhi
on April 30, 2016 01:04 AM

Morrison Ni: (credit: Morrison Ni‘s blog)

On April 28, 2016,  Morrison Ni, a Christian celebrity who was once a loafer and junkie, encouraged drug addicts not to give up themselves when recalling his past "addiction" story in a TV show. 

Morrison Ni, nickname "Xiao Ma" (means "pony") shared his experience of getting released from drug addiction in another TV show, according to Chinatimes. 

He began to take drugs at 16, later sentenced to four years in prison due to drug abuse. Out of prison, he was still controlled by addiction, described as "I took drugs in secret and more and more."

It was when he hosted an outdoor show that he was finally through drugs owing to the satisfaction of scenes. Besides, he quit drugs by faith.

A netizen left him a message with the question - how to hang on once the recurrence of drug addiction. He replies, "Change the environment and cut off the people related to the drug days. Pursue Christian faith and live a new life in accompanied by the church family. Overcome darkness depending on faith."

After his life was turned over by faith,  Ni is actively engaged in anti-drug ministry, promoting the information in colleges with demonstration of the harm of drugs  in recent years.

Currently he has been out of drug and tobacco addiction as well as his value of marriage changed remarkably. Last year he confessed to hope to spend his lifetime with his wife, totally different from the past when he wanted to break up with his girlfriend while the relationship lasted only three to six months.

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