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Financial and Audio Training Held in Hubei Church

By Pheobe Zheng
on May 25, 2016 06:05 AM

The training for financial co-workers held in Chibi, Hubei: (credit: Hubei CCC&TSPM)

On May 13, a training program for financial staff and audio engineers was held by Chibi CCC&TSPM with 150 participants taking part in the program's various events.

The guest speaker, accountant Song Zhimin of the provincial CCC&TSPM explained the Non-Governmental Nonprofit Organization Accounting System and shared to the participants the various problems of the system and how they experience problems in practical work. He also answered the questions on the participants regarding the topics discussed in the meeting.

Earlier, a training program for audio engineers was also conducted in Dazhi on April 3 to 6 with 70 co-workers from Hubei's local churches attending the program. A senior audio engineer shared his experties in electroacoustics, how to connect the audio system properly, microphone pickup, how to use a mixing console and reverbation devices and other activities requiring the operation of musical devices in the Church. Each attendee was allowed to practice the use of these audio/musical devices.

According to the chairman of the provincial CCC Rev. Zhu Zhiguo, there are a lot of churches in Hubei which has audio equipments. However, these churches do not have the manpower necessary or trained staff who can handle these devices. As a result, they could not use the equipment properly and affect how they conduct their activities. They will be considering sound training in the future. 

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