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- November 25, 2017 -


Church Aids 18 Children Living in Difficulty

By Grace Zhi
on June 16, 2016 01:06 AM

A couple of cute sisters receive schoolbags : (credit: Anqing TSPM)

Children have the right to live free from pain, suffering and difficulty; however, with the changing society and the onset of various factors, some families are unable to take care of their children and others are left all alone to face the cruel world.

In light of the celebrations for Children's Day on June 1st, representatives from the Anqing Church gave financial aid to 18 children living in difficulty provided by "Mamatown", an educational support foundation. 

Anqing Church works as a part of "Mamatown" for the past 15 years. Rev. Zheng Yuguo, the director of the lcoal TSPM and his wife led the church staff to deliver the goods funded by "Mamatown" and the church to the children in need.

Some of the supported children have parents who have lost their capacity to work due to serious diseases, and some have parents who are away and left with their grandparents. Some of the other children are currently suffering from severe illnesses such as leukimia.

Seeing these children love the schoolbags so much had touched the church representatives and they wished these children to be happy every day.

It is said that "Mamatown" is an student-funded organization initiated by an IT engineer named Cai Yuche and his friends. In 2001, they learnt that many children in Anqing couldn't afford the tuition fee of 140 yuan a year and dropped out of schools because of this problem. Therefore, they launched a donation campaign among friends to help these students.

Later on, Cai started a movement about the company and started sharing to subsidize students.

As the time went by, he came to realize that urban children and the residents isolated in the communities also need company and assistance. As a result, "Mamatown" became a foundation/restaurant in 2009. It has been reported by the media upon its opening.

According to the local TSPM, among the children receiving the donations were a couple of cute sisters who have lost their parents and live in an extreme difficult circumstance with their grandfather.

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