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- December 18, 2017 -


Church Holds Daily Devotional on WeChat

By Josiah Li
on June 22, 2016 00:06 AM

Daily devotional on this Friday: (credit: Xinle Church)

In order to reach out to more people, the Xinie Church in Shenyang is now leading the congregation to engage in regular daily devotional sessions in WeChat that includes Bible reading, prayer, meditation and application.

According to the church,  the daily devotional featured in WeChat consists of eight parts: today's verses, meditation on single verses, scripture summary, meditation on application, today's prayer, prose meditation, explanation of verses and the Bible yearly reading plan.

Besides the daily devotional sessions in WeChat, the church suggests the believers who just joined in the daily devotional to find a partner for mutual supervision, encouragement and gains through daily devotional. Currently, the series of Nehemiah is being shared. 

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