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- November 25, 2017 -


Christianity in Zhoukou Serves Society as Multi-Functions, Henan

By Phoebe Zheng
on July 25, 2016 07:07 AM

Service that aims to send used clothes to needed places :
Zhoukou Hospital run by the church :
Gospel Church under construction (left):

Located at the intersection of two roads, Zhoukou CCC&TSPM also serves as the practice base for the Philosophy and Religious Studies of Renmin University of China and the Zhoukou Ocean Vocational College. 

Christianity in Zhoukou has opened several ministries to serve society as a good testimony of how people see the faith.

There is a supermarket owned by the church selling Christian gifts, books and special souvenirs of Gospel Church, and a service which recycles all the used clothes that were scheduled to be sent in poor mountain areas and checks which ones can be remedied and cleaned for donations.

The CCC&TSPM also has a subordinate church under construction - Gospel Church, which can hold large concerts, meetings and weddings; except for worship and services with the capacity of 5000 people.

Besides the school and thechurch, a school for studying Chinese culture, an open library, a book bar and a restaurant will also be established inside the church.

What's more, the local church runs a hospital about three minutes' walk away from the Christian authority organization. The hospital also has special departments for certain needs such as on gynecology,  intestinal complications, respiratory ailments, neurology and neck/back/waist/thigh pain.

The hospital also carries out free rural clinics once a week when it is not high season and visits patients with AIDS irregularly, as well as distributes medicine freely.

Combined with the local situation, the church in the city is exploring other ways on how the church can integrate into society to serve the crowd and pushing ministries into creating diversity.

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