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79 Seekers Baptized in Beijing Gangwashi Church

By Cindy Zhang
on August 12, 2016 16:08 PM

The baptism : (credit: Gangwashi Church)

79 seekers received baptism into Christ's family in Beijing's Gangwashi Church on July 31.

The church says that the senior pastor Du Fengying baptized 46 believers by sprinkling them with holy water and the rest received baptism by immersion conducted by Rev. Wu Wei, the chairman of Beijing Christian Council.

Wu shared the message of being the disciples of the Lord, encouraging the congregation to rediscover themselves in front of the Lord. In addition, the church sent Bibles to each of the newly baptized Christians. 

The Gangwashi Church is a Protestant church built during the 1860s sponsored by the London Missionary Society. In 1900, the church was destroyed during the Boxer Uprising and was reconstructed three years later. In 1922, the church merged with the Church of Christ in China, and it also founded a hospital and a primary school. 

It holds four Sunday services in English and Korean, as well as Chinese, with more than 5,000 in attendance. 

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