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The 9th Chinese Congress on World Evangelization to Be Held in Taipei

By Elsie Hu
on August 19, 2016 03:08 AM

The official poster of the 9th congress : (credit: CCCOWE)

The 9th Chinese Congress on World Evangelization will be held in Taipei from August 22 to 26 and will focus on "the Glory and Mission of God: Becoming Radical Disciples of Christ".

Kingdom Revival Times reported that the Congress features on "strengthening interaction" and "stressing on strategic thinking"

To achieve this goal, the conference released the news and discussion topics on the official website ahead of time, which enables the participants to have preliminary discussions in order to shorten the sermons plus allow the audiences to have communication and sharing. Moreover, the speakers are mostly under 50 to coincide with the feature "rise of a new era".

Rev. Xia Zhongjian, the president of Taiwan District of Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism (CCCOWE), mentioned that this time, the Congress will differ from the previous ones in that the attendants will discuss with one another instead of just sitting and listening, according to the Chinese Christian Tribune.

Two main discussions will be about on the church health and whether the believers can be discipled or not.

Hong Shanqun, the chairman of ORTV, a ministry of the Overseas Radio and Television, mentions that the Congress will adopt the group roundtable meeting pattern and strategies for the mission to be developed on different professional topics. Meanwhile, it can drive the global Chinese churches to evangelize and he hopes for the creation of the future largest church consisting of Chinese by 2025.

Xia claims that the church in Taiwan can focus more on ecumenical evangelism and cross-cultural mission through the Congress. Regarding the communication and study between the cross-strait churches, he holds that the pastoral staff and believers from Taiwan should be more humble and self-examined to know more about the church in mainland China when conducting communication in the mainland. If they did well, they can really bless the church in China. 

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