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- December 18, 2017 -


Heilongjiang Theological Seminary Holds Opening Ceremony for the New Semester

By Jotham Dai
on August 24, 2016 03:08 AM

The opening ceremony of the new semester : (credit: Mount of Olives Theological Base)

On August 17, Heilongjiang Theological Seminary held the opening service and ceremony of the new fall semester of 2016, according to Mount of Olives Theological Base.

In the opening service, Rev. Li Meilan, the executive vice president of the seminary, preached a sermon entitled "seeing God face to face", encouraging the freshmen to grasp God by building an intimate and good relationship with God.

Later, an introduction to the staff and the person in charge of all the departments was shared by Li. Rev. Lv Dezhi, the president, gave a speech on the characteristics leaders should have and it was followed by two speeches on behalf of the new and old students respectively.

The dean of studies then explained the learning goals and requirements for the new semester.

Li also thanked the churches who donated 20 pianos to the school and encouraged the new students majoring in sacred music to study hard and cherish the grace. 

A pastor from Qiqihaer CCC&TSPM said she wanted to donate sports and fitness equipments to the school and Qitaihe CCC&TSPM sent an experienced pastor to be a spiritual teacher in the school. 

After the ceremony, a senior official from the provincial bureau of religious affairs stressed that the development of Christianity should serve the Chinese society as a positive model in realizing the Chinese dream. 

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