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- November 25, 2017 -


Indigenization of Christianity in China Discussed in Anhui

By Yetta Yao
on August 26, 2016 10:08 AM

Seminar attendees: (credit: CCCTSPM)

The TSPM & CCC, in Suzhou city, An hui Province, held seminar for Indigenization of Christianity in China in Mount Huang, Aug 16th to 19th. And the seminar achieved "three identity" , namely, political identity, social identity and cultural identity.

The participants, through this seminar, have achieved a certain consensus on the meaning and ways of the Indigenization of Christianity in China. In order to realize the Indigenization of Christianity in China, we should seize "Three identity", namely, political identity, social identity and cultural identity.

Besides, Christianity, by means of spirit and way of incarnation, communicates with the society, and participates in and serve the society with the attitude of humility and the way of the self-denial. They fully exploit classical books related to the belief of the God in Chinese traditional culture, use the Chinese cultural classic books to interpret Christianity, and attempt to become such churches which are loved by the God and the common.

The TSPM & CCC standing committee in Suzhou city decided to further try to implement them into discussion results on the basis of the consensus. They are as follows: encouraging the preachers to expand the reading quantity, compile materials of Chinese traditional cultural classic books and Christian theology readers, trying to organize Chinese classical books of Chinese traditional culture following the structure of systematic theology. Also, they call on pastoral staff to write articles on 12 themes closely sticking to the 12 core words of socialist core values, and trim them into Sermons of theology and socialist core values.

Priests, elders and preachers with a total of 40 in Suzhou city attended this seminar. Guest speakers were Ma Jianhua, vice chairman from the TSPM committee of the Protestant churches in An hui Province , and Wu Bing, the deputy secretary-general of Dalian TSPM invitated to give keynote speeches.

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