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 [Church Feature ] Nuofu Church for Lahu People, Yunnan

By Josiah Li
on September 06, 2016 00:09 AM

A closer look at Nuofu Church:
Nuofu Church :
Inside Nuofu Church :

Nuofu Church locates on a hill, northwestern from Nuofu Village government of the Lancang Lahu Autonomous County. It was founded in the eleventh year of the Republic of China (1922) when a priest called Yong Weili from American Baptists first came here to preach.

The church is Lahu's stilt-style building with enclosed galleries and the internal decoration follows the style of European and American church. The total construction area is 506.6 square meters and the pan layout presents the timber frame of vertical double crosses that is connected. There are a chapel, a classroom to learn Lahu language and a pastor's lounge inside. 

Lancang county was announced as the county-level cultural relics protection site in March, 1985.  And it was listed as one of the provincial cultural relics protection sitse by the provincial government in December, 1987. It went through renovation, sponsored by the cultural department of Yunnan province In 1989.

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