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- December 18, 2017 -


Yanjing Theological Seminary Celebrates 30th Anniv.

By Josiah Li
on September 10, 2016 02:09 AM

Yanjing Theological Seminary Celebrates 30th Anniv.: the Seminary Choir(credit: CCD)

Some 400 alumni, preachers and pastors from churches in NW China and North China, attended the 30th Anniversary of Yanjing Theological Seminary(YTS), Sept 7. 

On the Opening Service, some alumni together hosted the Service including preachers from Qinghai Province, Gansu Province, Tianjin the municipality, Beijing the Capital city, Shanxi and Hebei Province.

Group pictures were taken after the Service.

Rev. Gao Ying, Dean of the YTS, delivered a welcome message on the ceremony after the Service. Almost 900 seminary students, later preachers and pastors, have been cultivated since the establishment of YTS 30 years ago, forming YTS a theological education base.

Vice-chairman of the National CCC, Rev Shan Weixiang, expressed his congrats when delivering his message, as well as his respect and blessings to the seminary faculty members. 

30 years ago, YTS took the responsibility to cultivate young servants of God in the area of North and NW China. Talent development is the most important thing especially in Chinese Churches, as we all know that Christians in China are increasing rapidly after the Open-up.

Rev. Chen Dongbin, Vice-dean of Jinling Union Theological Seminary (JUTS) gave his speech on behalf of all seminaries and seminary members. He blessed that YTS would cultivate more loyal servants of God to promote and contribute the Christianity in China.

President of CCCTSPM of Xinjiang Province, Rev. Fan Chenguang delivered her message on behalf of all the alumni, expressing her excitement and thankfulness to alma mater. 

Yanjing Theological Seminary in Beijing, the only one seminary in the Capital city of China, is one of the Level Two institutions recruit on a regional basis, the same as East China Theological Seminary in Shanghai.

Yanjing Theological Seminary offers four-year undergraduate programmes, also providing one-year specialized programmes. 

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