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- December 18, 2017 -


Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Visits Heilongjiang Theological Seminary

By Jotham Dai
on October 19, 2016 22:10 PM

The seminary holds a donation ceremony for Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union :

On September 21, 2016, a team from the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union, including President Pang Jianxin and the union's senior managers, visited Heilongjiang Theological Seminary.

The Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission of Heilongjiang Province reported that the union donated more than ten thousand books to the seminary's library when the seminary was promoted into a university level from a college in 2013. This time, the union examined the library and utilization of books.

Founded in 1996, the seminary now has a campus at Mount of Olives. Also, if you were deaf and wanted to become a pastor in China, this should be the seminary you should attend. It is the only seminary in China that accepts and trains deaf students to become pastors for the deaf community. 

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