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The Christian MingDe Church of XinJiang Urumqi Started Their Visiting Work

By Grace Zhi
on October 21, 2016 00:10 AM

Church Community Caring: (credit: Mingde Church)

On Oct 13, the TianYun fellowship of Christian MingDe church in Urumqi, XinJiang province began their visiting work. Some brothers and sisters went to homes for the elderly to visit old people, while others paid a visit to Chen Fei the deaf-mute with depression and his 80-year-old mother.

Chen Fei is 43 years old and has been lying in bed for several years for depression, even with visitors coming, let alone going out. Besides his muteness, his 80-year-old mother had to take care of him. But since last year, brothers and sisters in TianYun choir have kept paying weekly visits to them, usually before Thursday, to accompany and care for them regardless of the weather.

Chen Fei didn't enjoy going out, so initially when brothers and sisters wanted to take him out for a simple walk they had to pull him up on both sides and push him from the back, but now he can get himself up walking by his chair, 3 circles a day and each time with more improvement. He can even say:" Jesus loves you!" in sign language now, which deeply touched the hearts of brothers and sisters.

TianYun fellowship consists of deaf-mute brothers and sisters, who pay regular visits to any institutions and people in need, passing on the love of Jesus through actions. At the same time, through the constant care and visits of these brothers and sisters, Chen Fei witnessed and experienced God's almightiness.

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