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- November 25, 2017 -


Zhejiang Church Hosts 2nd Christianity Culture & Art Exhibition

By Grace Zhi
on October 26, 2016 04:10 AM

Art Exhibition of Zhejiang Church: (credit: Photo Provided to CCD)

On Oct 19, Zhejiang Zhoushan City Dinghai Mu'en Church hosted the second Christianity Culture & Art Exhibition. 200 pieces of Christian related art works were displayed and it attracted scholars and fellow workers from Anhui Bengbu, Hangzhou and other places.                   

According to Brother Liu, a church worker, the exhibition will last for a month with three sections: Photography, painting and calligraphy, and physical exhibition. With 120 old photos by foreign ministers, the photography work deeply showed the real life from a hundred years ago in social society, religious belief, the livelihood of the people, customs of the people and famous buildings. Through paint, words, and china, the paintings and calligraphies together with the physical exhibition showed the economic and social development of Zhoushan and the developmental history of Christianity in China.

Compared to the exhibition in 2014, this one gave more substantial content with photography and physical exhibition. The preparation started early this year. Some of the works were by the famous calligraphers and painters, and some were collected from churches and believers.

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