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Guangzhou Guangxiao Christian Church Hosts Revival Meeting to Commemorate Resuming Services for 25 Years

By Yi Yang
on October 28, 2016 05:10 AM

the Guangxiao Christian Church of Guangzhou: (credit: Guangxiao Church)

On Oct 23, 2016, Guangzhou Kwong Hau Christian Church held the revival meeting to commemorate resuming services for 25 years.

According to Guangxiao Church, the church held three3 thanksgiving services on 23rd and invited Pastor Wu Zhenzhi from Hong Kong.

Pastor Wu is a director at the City of David Cultural Center in Hong Kong and also the founder of the Hongkong Chastity Movement and Couple's Day. He preached "Covenant Wife of Christ," "Seize the Offerings of God," and "Turn Curses into Blessings" respectively in the three services.

The history of Kwong Hau Church dated back to 1921, according to Guangzhou CCC&TSPM website. The Congregational Church that was very effective in Guangzhou ministry bought the site and appointed Pastor Tan Woxin who studied in the US to build the new church. The church laid the foundation in December 1921, completed the work in October 1924, and named it "Chinese Kwong Hau Christian Church."

During the Cultural Revolution, Kwong Hau Church was occupied for 18 years. Until 1991 with the permission of the government, on Nov 24 they resumed the service and the believers could live a normal Christian life. 


Guangxiao Christian Church, one of Guangzhou's largest churches, is located in the heart of downtown Guangzhou. The church has a long history, and was entirely funded, built and managed by Chinese Christians. Guangxiao Christian Church is a combination of Western and Chinese architectures which employed Italian design in decor. The Church laid out west to east, covering a total area of 1,470 square meters in a five-storey design, 26.7 meters high, 35 meters long and 23 meters wide. It is so spacious that its second and half of the third floor can house 1,200 followers and the underground part serves as a kindergarten.

The third floor has featured port glass, shining gorgeously. The fourth floor is the Xingdao Book Store in honor of the entrepreneur spirit of scholars of the past to serve the people. Pagoda-styled bell towers were built to the south and north side on the fifth floor. The tower top and its periphery were decorated with glazed tiles to have a touch of ancient garden architecture. The church is solemn, dazzling and magnificent from a distance.

As early as 1872, Pastor William Scott Ament of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) advocated and organized missionary services among overseas Chinese. Later, a self-financing Bethany Chapel was established in San Francisco. In 1886, the Chinese Congregational Church was reorganized. And in 1894, the Chinese Congregational Church sent Huang Ruitang and Kuang Guangde with money back to Guangdong to set up a gospel hall at Shibafu, Guangzhou, which was renamed to Xingdao Book Store in 1897.

In 1921, Pastor Tan Woxin arrived in Guangzhou from America and summoned brethren to plan a new church on Guangxiao Street. They raised over 70,000 Yuan and completed the new church in October 1924. That is why the church got its current name "Guangxiao Christian Church". It has become a witness of the self-financing, self-preaching and self-rule spirits of early Chinese Christians.

※ Address: Guangxiao Lu 29, Guangzhou
※ Opening Hours: 6:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
※ Admission: Free
※ Tel (Fax): 81087837
※ Transportation:
· Metro: Opposite to Exit C, Ximenkou station, Line 1
· Bus: Take bus 4, 102, 104, 107, 109, 134, 186, 193, 233, 250, 286, 31, 38, 527, 58, 74, 85, 88 to Ximenkou Stop

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