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- December 16, 2017 -


Beijing Chongwenmen Church Hold “Light of Life—80-Hour Bible Reading” Event

By Jotham Dai
on November 01, 2016 00:11 AM

A sister leads the congregation to read the Bible in Chongwenmen Church : (credit: Jotham Dai)

On Oct 10, Chongwenmen Church held the "light of life-80-hour bible reading" event. 180 people led the reading, and 300 followed.

According to Chonwenmen Church, this event gained great support from church pastors and believers. Believers rushed to sign up and encourage or invite each other in; some believers continued reading for 80 hours; some believers prayed day and night for this event. Because the reading was arranged in weekdays, many young believers requested to join reading at night time. Almost 20 people read or listened to the reading before dawn time.

Brothers and sisters read through the bible in 80 hours. This event was meant for helping believers to deepen their bond with God by reading his words.

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