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- November 25, 2017 -


The First Year of Hainan CCC&TSPM Theology Training Center

By Yi Yang
on November 01, 2016 00:11 AM

The commencement for the first batch of graduates held on June 13, 2015: (credit: Hainan Theology Training Center )

Hainan Christian CCC&TSPM once pointed out that the regional Gospel revival has a strong connection with the theological education level and awareness in this region. Only when pastors are able to interpret truth in God's will, can the church stand firm in truth through rightful education, and all kinds of heresies and evil doctrines will have nowhere to hide or stir up any trouble.

The Provincial Theology Training Center opened a 2-and-a-half-year Theology class, and a 1-year Oratorio class on 2013 June. With constant development, Oct 30 was set as Theological Offering Day to call upon brothers and sisters all around to pray and offer support for theological education cause.

After a simple opening ceremony on May 6, 2013, the Theology class of Hainan Christian CCC&TSPM started regular courses. The formal opening ceremony was held on May 23rd.

Twenty-four basic courses taught by teachers in Training Center were arranged in Theology class, and computer course was specially offered for students without computer skills. Well-experienced imported theological speakers taught 10 courses, including the Old and New Testament Exegesis, Theology, Bible Study, Counseling, Shepherding, Spiritual Growth, Preaching, Disciple Training and so on.

The Oratorio class offered Vocal Lessons, Music Theory, Piano Lessons, Conduct Lessons, Worship Lessons and so on.

On 2015 June 13, the first graduates dived into mission field one after another.



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