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- December 18, 2017 -


Fujian Church Hosts Dedication Ceremony

By CCD contributor: Deng Lingyong
on November 02, 2016 00:11 AM

Fashi Church holds the dedication ceremony : (credit: CCD contributor: Deng Lingyong)

On the morning of Oct 22, Fashi Christian Church of Fujian Quanzhou held the grand dedication ceremony. Pastor Yang Meiling presided over the ceremony, Pastor Lin Zewei gave the altar call, and Pastor Lin Meixuan led the thanksgiving prayer. Elder Cai Zili read the Bible and more than 20 pastors read the "ceremony beginning lection" and the "dedication lection." Pastor Su Weiyuan gave a sermon titled "Build a Church to Glorify God and Benefit Man" and encouraged people to try their best to build a church as such. Finally, Pastor Lin Dunqi gave the prayer for the new church dedication.

Fashi Church was first built in 1896 and it saw over a century of ups and downs. In 2006 due to the increasing believers the old church was not able to hold enough people. The church decided to reconstruct the church. During the reconstruction, with the amazing guidance of God, the support and help from the departments in charge of Quanzhou and relevant departments in Fengze, and the concerted efforts and strong support from the brothers and sisters, a majestic church with 1440 square meters and a cost of 44 million testified to God's glory.

Director of the Fengze district Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs spoke with great passion at the ceremony. With leaders from the Quanzhou Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs, relevant departments in Fengze district, sub-district offices, and brothers and sisters, in total more than 500 people attended the ceremony and witnessed the grateful and glorious day.

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