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- December 18, 2017 -


Church in Fujian Celebrates 160-Year History of Christianity

By CCD contributor: Lingyong Deng
on November 12, 2016 00:11 AM

Anhai Church Dedicated:

On Nov 8, 2016, Anhai Church located in Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, celebrates the 160-year local history of Christianity and its new church completion, with more than 300 people in attendance.  Besides, the church donates an education grant of 138,000 yuan to the local government. 

Anhai is the "cradle" of churches in Quanzhou. In 1856, the Scottish missionary Rev. Carstairs Douglas brought the Gospel to Anhai. The church went through storms and rain along with the Lord's blessings. It resumed services in 1983 after the Cultural Revolution. 

In 1989, the church owned a church building covering an area of 740 m2. Considering that the former church with wood roof became dangerous, it decided to reconstruct a new one. In 2011, a ground-breaking ceremony of the new church was held. Costing more than 16 million yuan, the new church has a construction area of 5782 m2.

A total of around 1200 converts were baptized between 1983 and 2016. Now the Sunday attendance reaches about 600 and roughly 1500 people attend large meetings each including Christmas and the Spring Festival.

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