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- December 18, 2017 -


Religious Community Honors Victims of the Nanjing Massacre

By Yi Yang
on December 14, 2016 19:12 PM

Rev Paul Wei Ti-Hsiang prays for world peace : (credit:

Dec.13, 2016 marks the National Memorial Day for the Nanjing Massacre Victims. More than 200 participants of the 2016 International Conference on Religious and Sustainable Development being held in Nanjing pay tribute to the victims and pray for peace.

The representatives of the five major religions, including Rev Paul Wei Ti-Hsiang, General Secretary of Chinese Christian Cross-Strait Corporate Exchange Association, pray for world peace respectively in the ceremony hosted by Rev. Wang Chaoxuan, associate chairman of Jiangsu CCC.

Last Sunday MochouLu Church of Nanjing led the congregation of about 1300 to pray for peace in commemoration of the victims in the second service.

The same day last year, Nanjing CCC&TSPM conducted the Peace & Praying Worship in the Church of the Holy Word. During the worship, twelve pastors prayed for the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the justice and fairness of China, the survivors of Nanjing Massacre, people who are in war and the unity of churches in turns.

In the first peace & praying service held at MochouLu Church in 2014, three Christian survivors of the massacre were invited to share their experiences.

Translated By: Karen Luo

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