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Hosanna Church in Beijing Celebrates Christmas, Preaching Jesus' "Strong Love"

By Ruth Wang
on December 20, 2016 06:12 AM

Christmas: Pastor Knee down to pray for congregations.(Credit:
Christmas Celebration: Hosanna Church of Beijing.(credit:

Colorful lights rotating, theater and stage big enough, Hosanna church in Beijing celebrated Christmas as an audio-visual feast, Dec 17, 2016. 

With the theme “The Strong Love,” members and church staff presented various performance, covering passionate singing and dancing, meaningful sacred drama, Christmas-related sermon, and inspiring Choir chorus.

Announcing the gathering open, the church choir song a couple of passionate and inspiring chorus, including Hosanna, Light of the World, etc, leading the congregation to worship together. 

Pupils from the church’s Sunday school followed, performing two energetic and cute rhythms. Then the youth fellowship presented a dance, Shaking the World, showing the Gospel’s power and influence to this world. 

Sacred Drama, David and Abigail, produced by the church’s drama team, showed the story of David and Abigail in a modern way, indicating that Christ free those who are suppressed.

The senior pastor of the said church delivered the sermon of “the Strong Love.” He compared the love of parents with the love of Jesus, claiming that Jesus’ love is strong enough to redeem us, and bring us peace and joy in tough times.




Besides the sermon, the pastor knee down to pray for the congregation that may people’s heart accept the Grace from Jesus, with peace and joy. He exhorted the audience to turn to Jesus’ love, which is the strength to go forward in suffering.


Pastor Knee down to pray for congregations.(Credit:
Pastor Knee down to pray for congregations.(Credit:


Followed the sermon was chorus. The Yellow Christmas, chorus lead by the choir, concluded this celebration, stating that Christmas belongs not only to the Whites but also to those with yellow skins.

See the Whole Gallery HERE.

Translated By: Alice Wang

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