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How to: Live Your Faith at Work

By CCD contributor: Shen Xunguang
on December 22, 2016 01:12 AM

Live your faith at Work: (credit: CCD File Photo)

Christians in the workplace meet some trouble: God teaches them to love others as themselves and pray for those persecute them. However, the reality is that it's really hard to glorify God in the workplace when faced blames from your boss, incomprehension from your colleagues and with too much pressure, let alone combining faith with your work.

Rev. Liu from Shandong states, "Some Christians with renewed lives yet live the same lifestyle that they lived before and that is not glorifying God. " Being saved, believers who have rebirth should work with the new heart of "living and walking with the Lord."

Then how can we walk with the Lord Jesus in our workplace? Below are some points we should follow:

1. Work for God.

The Bible teaches us, "whatever you working for the Lord" (Colossians 3:23-24)

Though we have different jobs, there is a significant difference between before being saved and after receiving salvation. "Being saved, our lives have been handed over to Jesus Christ. So are our work." Liu says, "Though we work in the companies where bosses or co-workers may not believe (in Christ), God's glory can be revealed when we work carefully and hard." Meanwhile, let others see the different things you show in the workplace, which can bring glory to God. 

2. Don't complain.

"Complaints are taboo in the workplace." The pastor believes that many people get frustrated at work and the popular cause is complaining: they complain about their work environment, bosses, co-workers or salaries.... But the Bible tells us to look at all the surrounding and people in the perspective of gratitude.

"God also trains us through us, who gives us stable hearts through the environment, practices us to obey through bad bosses and teaches us to learn tolerance and endurance by the surrounding colleagues......" God is with us in all difficulties. "Don't complain but obey God's guidance and trust all the difficult things into him."

3. Speak peaceful words.

People gossip where people gather, especially in large companies. Three or five people discuss things, speaking words that destroy and judge others. "Christians should speak peaceful words and don't engage in the dispute when you see others gossip." He suggests, "Apart from taking no part, you should do work to make peace."

4. Be humble.

Humility works in any position. Not only in the workplace, a believer should be humble in the church, family or before others. Philippians 2:3 says, "But in humility consider others better than yourselves."

"Many people intrigue against each other and treat colleagueship as insignificant, holding that these relations are broken when jumping ship. But working is not for others, but for God and ourselves."

He adds, "Do your work with a humble and learning heart in a position. There must be lessons we should learn and finish since God puts us here."

"Thank God even your surrounding people are not believers for his putting us in these good positions where we can work while witnessing the gospel with our lives."

Translated by: Karen Luo

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