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Jeremy Lin Learns from Rehabilitation: Enjoy the Present and Thank God for Continue His Dream Job

By Ruth Wang
on December 27, 2016 02:12 AM


On Dec. 18, 2016, Jeremy Lin shared on his Sina Weibo that he had benefited a lot during the hamstring strain rehab period  and started to enjoy the moment, rest and life on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website, saying, " I also thank for God's grace that enables me to continue to do my dream job. "

The Brooklyn Nets guard stated, "I was really angry when I got hurt because I felt that the team was about to start better cooperation with each other. Being a part of a new team with a new coaching staff, a new medical/training team and new players always represent a painful period of growth...... So I hit the roof when I was injured. It was sad that I overindulged in food once I got angry. So I ate candies and potato chips while playing Dota 2 at that evening when I was injured. "

The player added, "I focused on recording our offensive data several weeks before the injury, wanting to know which method was the most efficient and who was the best match for another. I regard this injury as a chance to give to and serve my teammates... It's actually quite hard to help teammates in a more humble way..."

Lin said, "The first three weeks after the injury was the point of my mental and spiritual growth. I came to know that my worry and impatience were originated from my fear that the things would not go as I wish, I cannot recover to the field a little earlier or I would let others down. So I spent time praying and reminded myself of not forgetting God's promises-- his plan is perfect and everything is in his control. I'm just in a situation he wants me to be in and his purpose will be done."

"This is a huge change for me because I feel more faith in God, compared with the desire to control everything, every detail of the rehab or the team's performance. " He shared his transition, "So since then, I start to enjoy this process, either the rehab or cheering for my teammates. I also begin to enjoy the moment and thank for God's grace that enables me to continue to do my dream job. Above all, I will think like this until the end of the rehab."

Currently, Lin has returned to practice, grateful for this. He also gave thanks to the fans and those who had prayed for him.

Translated by: Karen Luo

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