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House Church of Suzhou Celebrates Christmas with Migrant Workers

By Elsie Hu
on December 28, 2016 05:12 AM

Grace Church of Suzhou holds a Christmas party with the theme of love: (credit:

More and more Chinese would like to celebrate Christmas in commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, even many unreligious people are pleased to go to church on this festive day.

On Dec. 23, Grace Church of Suzhou holds a Christmas party with the theme of "love" for the unreached people and to show the essence of love.

The number of rural Christians migrated to Suzhou is increasing, most of whom come from Anhui and Henan province. In cities, they're facing challenges both from belief and from the environment, so the church has been specifically established to shepherd them. The pastor confesses that migrant workers need the Gospel and he wants to convey love to each participant and comfort them with the gospel.

Prepared for two months, the party starts with a song I Love My Home sung by two families, followed a dance performed by children. Programs including hymns, other dances, and short plays are performed.

Two families sing the song
Two families sing the song "I Love My Home"
Besides, Rev. Li shares a message about the heaven. He "bets" that the heaven doesn't exist so that he can do whatever he wants, seemingly more free than the so-called Christians. However, Christians enjoy the eternal joy in the heaven but he suffers everlasting pain in the hell after death. At that time he comes to know that both Jesus and the heaven are real. The pastor states that whether people are happy is just determined by one thing: if Jesus is in their lives rather than money. 

Translated by: Karen Luo

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