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Christmas: Is It Truly In Our Hearts?

By M. Grace
on December 30, 2016 22:12 PM

Hosanna Church Christmas Celebration: The Senior pastor of this Church Pray for the congregations. (credit:

Christmas is the most anticipated time of the year. But, do we know the true meaning of this celebration?

People love when it September days start. It means December and Christmas is finally near. Some people are happy because they got to finally have their bonuses. Some people will love the idea of school break or work break. Others love to find time to travel to other places. However, do these people remember not just the physical or earthly meaning of this celebration?

We always hear and read that Christmas is the day when our Savior was born that is why this celebration is best for kids and kids at heart; meaning it is for everyone.

Christmas is the time of the year to celebrate the humbleness of God. That He sent His only son to save us. 

Christmas time is to remember how pure Mother Mary's heart as she kept her faith entrusting God her future.

Christmas time is thinking about how Joseph, like a true man, accepts what God has plan for him and his family and he never questioned it.

Christmas time is more than just the gifts and bonuses you receive. It is more than just the selfies, the gatherings, the foods and everything worldy.

People should know how to celebrate Christmas at peace, full of warmth, love and praises to the one true king. After all, it was His birthday and the mark of being saved.

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