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“Great Rejoicing”: Christmas Eve Gospel Gathering of the Mega-Church

By CCD contributor: Noel
on December 31, 2016 01:12 AM

Congyi Church:

On Christmas Eve on Dec 24, Chongyi Church in Hangzhou hosted a Christmas Eve Gospel Meeting titled "Great Rejoicing."  There were four parts to the celebration: "Jesus is Light in the Dark," "Jesus Bears our Suffering," "Jesus Heals our Diseases," and "Jesus is the Only Savior." The formats for the shows included short films, Chinese and English music, musicals, and plays.

Zhang Zhongcheng, the senior pastor of the church, delivered a message from Luke 2:10-11 and 19:10. He reminded the congregation of the true meaning of Christmas and introduced Jesus as the savior to everybody there. "Today there are two gifts for everyone: Jesus and the Bible," he said, asking everybody who felt touched to stand up and accept the two gifts.

Those who were touched and stood up received a Bible from the ushers and prayed with the pastor a prayer of conversion. They also filled out new believer forms so that the church could contact them in the future and follow up with the catechism.

After the celebration, many people stayed in front of the Christmas tree and the church to take photos before they left, so that they could record the memorable moment

Translated by: Grace Hubl

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