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Nie Yuan To Star In 'Xin Ru Tie' (Iron Heart) TV Series

By M. Grace
on January 04, 2017 21:01 PM

Nie Yuan: (credit: via Chinadaily)

The winner of the Most Popular Actor Award of the China Student Television Festival, Nie Yuan will make his debut soon on the small screen with a new television series entitled "Xin Ru Tie" (Iron Heart).

Nie Yuan revealed that he has a complex character to play which is very challenging for him. He also added that there are lots of action scenes in the upcoming series which required him to prepare and train hard.

"Most of my previous roles are restrained. But this character is an emotionally driven roughneck. I have to let go of myself to immerse myself into the role's world," Nie said at a promotional event in Beijing on Dec 30.

"It's a fast-pace drama, with a bunch of suspenseful twists. We've learned the production skills of the classic American crime dramas," the director of the drama Zhang Guoqing said.

"Xin Ru Tie" (Iron Heart) will premiere in Beijing Satellite TV on January 7.

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