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12 Worst Christian Persecution Countries Warning the Declining Religious Freedom

By Pauline Petro
on January 05, 2017 07:01 AM

The Service for Good Friday in Shanghai Community Fellowship: The Service for Good Friday in Shanghai Community Fellowship

A “2016 Hall of Shame Report” reporting international Christian Persecution listed a list of worst Christian persecution countries across the world.

Released by watchdog International Christian Concern (ICC) that the North Korea, Syria and Nigeria were the "the worst of the worst" countries for Christians, followed by “Core Countries” that were less egregious but are "perennial abusers of religious," covering Saudi Arab, Pakistan, China, India, and Egypt.

One noteworthy is that the US was made list for the first time, being named among the top 12. According to ICC, “the persecution in these countries is not anywhere near the same level of persecution as those in the rest of the list, but events in these countries indicate declining religious freedom and are cause for alarm.”

Russia and Mexico, together with the US, were within this list for Christian Persecution. “Protestant Christians in remote, rural areas, especially in the south, experience violence as well as loss of land and livelihood.” The report read regarding Mexico, “Law enforcement and the courts regularly turn a blind eye which contributes to a culture of persecution that has left thousands homeless and without income.”

North Korean has remained the worst for 14 straight years for Christian to live in. Stated the ICC that “as an estimated 40,000-70,000 Christians remain in political person camps, experiencing similar treatment to victims of the Holocaust.”

Three categories were listed, and China was named in the second. “China continues to crack down on Christianity and other religious minorities at levels previously unseen since Mao’s Cultural Revolution.” read the report, ” More than 2,000 crosses and over 400 churches have been demolished with countless believing imprisoned for merely being followers of Christ.”

The report claimed that China frequently uses intimidation, arrests, destruction of church property, and church closures to persecute Christians. China has exercised increased persecution towards Christians in 2016. 

“Despite the government’s efforts to control and stifle the Church, Christianity continues to explode.” was the observation of this report when it came to China.

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