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- December 18, 2017 -


French Pianist and Composer to Perform in Beijing

By Mei Manuel
on January 06, 2017 23:01 PM

Julien Gelas: (credit: Soundcloud)

After his successful tour in Qingdao last year, French pianist and composer Julien Gelas will be performing his unique masterpieces in Beijing from January 13 to 16.

Gelas is well-known for his unique melodies as he combines different genres to his music. Critics and fans alike would often compare his performances to an energetic and poetic music wonderland.

The Beijing performance will include Gelas' freestyle pieces such as 'L'eclaircie', 'La Fuite' and 'Station Liberty.'

Gelas is from a family of artists and started learning music at age 5. He started studying classical music at age 11 and since then, he had worked on plays, television shows and films as a drama director. He even wrote music for the singers in 'La voix de la France'.

Many composers and artists alike were impressed by Gelas, including Chinese composer Dong Dongdong. According to Dong, "Gelas' poetic performance reminds me of fragrant lavenders and bright sun flowers in South France. It is full of energy, brightness and vigor."

Gelas will be performing in Penghao Theatre in Beijing and the show stars at 7:30 pm.

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