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- December 18, 2017 -


Maintain Healthy Diet Instead of Taking 'Anti-Smong' Teas Says Chinese Medicine Expert

By M. Grace
on January 11, 2017 23:01 PM

WildAid Fights China's Air Pollution Crisis With 'Hairy Nose' Humor Film: (credit: Screenshot)

Many people from China are now turning to traditional Chinese medicine in fighting the air pollution's effect by drinking the so called "anti-smog" teas however, an expert says it is ineffective and even dangerous to some levels.

Some Chinese were reported to be taking "anti-smog" teas as they believe it could help them clean their lungs out from the pollution they get. The said teas were famous in different Chinese medicine shops, pharmacies and even online sites as air pollution continued to worsen.

Since some teas have recipes like dried flowers and roots, which are Chinese herbs, some believe that it can boost one's health and rid of body impurities like the dirty air they breathe.

However, Liu Quanqing, president of the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that those teas were not reliable.

He noted to the people that digestive system and respiratory systems were separate and those teas may contain ingredients which could possibly harm a person's health if taken for a long period.

Liu added that instead of taking those teas, people should maintain a healthy diet and boost their immune system.

China's communicable disease centre also echoed Liu's statement adding that using air purifiers and wearing masks were more effective measures to combat the effects of smog. 

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