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- December 18, 2017 -


Management SOOP Responds to Chinese Media Outlet Claims Regarding Gong Yoo's Health

By Mei Manuel
on January 12, 2017 04:01 AM

Gong Yoo: (credit:

Recently, rumors regarding 'Goblin' star Gong Yoo had been circulated online following a report by a Chinese media outlet claiming that the actor is suffering from health issues.

Gong Yoo's label, Management SOOP, dispells the rumors and explained "The reports about Gong Yoo's health is false. It's true that he's been tired lately wrapping up filming [for 'Goblin'], but he does not have any severe health issues at all. Chinese fans showed concerns and wrote on SNS that Gong Yoo does not look too well. A Chinese media outlet then reported about Gong Yoo's health issues, but currently, he's doing his best to film 'Goblin'."

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