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- December 18, 2017 -


Theologue's Exploration on the Feasibility of Enterprise-like Church (1) - Church Administration

By CCD contributor: Zhang Bonan
on February 07, 2017 00:02 AM

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It has been said that the church system and model has gone wrong. Is there any solution? What needs to be changed? We should explore solutions to the church's difficulty and 
problems. The church problem, as cancer to the body, will not destroy the church, but will weaken the church drastically. The church needs to be corrected but it needs more reform. 

The glory of the Church of the Middle Ages has gone. Today's church is in a very awkuawd situation. For instance: With the development of the multimedia age, the church is at a loss in this age; the church is totally ignorant of the data management brought by the age; the church keeps putting off expanding her online ministry. In the face of social development, some say that the trend of society is secular while the church is holy and we should not allow the church to be tarnished in it. Some people contend that the church which is the salt and light of the world should take lead in the society.

However, without knowing the society's trend of development how can the church be a leader of society? In society, we can see big companies everywhere which have hundreds of thousands employees or more in good order but the church has become very messy with far less believers. Some pastors keep everything in the church in control, not willing to allocate authority to others, which made themselves very tired and which even killed pastors in their prime age. Should not the pastors set his heart on preaching? But all know that pastors have a lot of workloads.

A leader should be capable, but it is foolish to do everything personally. Therefore, pastors should learn to classify works and manage them accordingly. There is a department called "administrative management," which is the company's "brain," essential for the enterprise management and personnel management. The church can also learn from how a company is managed to manage church ministries and use co-workers. 

There are a rich pool of talents in church. Though not everyone is a study of theology, the church can provide a place for everyone according to their talents. He whoever has tasted the mixed flavor of serving with a heart for the church will gradually become the major resource of strength. Therefore, the question we need to think about is to classify the works of church in more details. Afterward, the administer should be assigned the duty of placing the right persons for the right positions. 

The "administrative" staff in the church do not necessarily have to be all pastors. Believers with HR experiences can be appointed. The church needs to set up one or two professional people responsible for the management of all church works and the placement of church staff. If the church does this, elders and pastors could concentrate more on preaching and the church can also avoid chaos and deficiencies. 

To make it work, it is necessary to understand all the positions that are involved in the church. And all positions from administration, financing, preaching, visits, text ministry, fellowship, to the management of the choir, personnel training, and many other matters need to be managed and improved by the HR of the church. 

To be continued.

The Author is a theology student.
Translated by Alvin Zhou  

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