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- December 18, 2017 -


Symposium on Christianity and Medical, Health Services in Modern China, to Be Held in October

By Ruth Wang
on February 10, 2017 23:02 PM

The Second People's Hospital of Lanzhou City: the Former Site of Borden Hospital, constructed by the missionaries of China Inland Mission.(credit: Gospel Times)

A symposium on Christianity and medical and health services in modern China or the eighth forum of Research for Christianity in China will be held on October 7, 2017. It will be co-hosted by Center for the Study of Religion and Chinese Society, Shanghai University and Christianity and China Research Center located in Los Angeles, USA.

The symposium has been soliciting papers from the participants since last November.The papers are required to discuss the topics on the hospitals established by Christianity in modern China, medical education, the introduction of western medicine into the East and the influence of Christianity on China's health concept. The conference proceedings will be published.

In modern China, foreign missionaries played a profound role in the fields like medical, health care and education.They founded many famous hospitals in cities such as Beijing Tongren Hospital and Changsha Xiangya Hospital. 

Translated by Karen Luo

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