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Century-old Rural Church Holds Spring Festival Retreat, Anhui

By CCD contributor: Ma Tao
on February 15, 2017 02:02 AM

Christburg Church: The Gospel Church in Huaiyuan, Anhui Province.(credit:
Revival Retreat: (credit:

Huaiyuan County, located in the north of the Huai River of Anhui, has many old churches. Christburg Church is one of them.

With a history of over a century, Christburg Church in Zhiyan Village, held a three-day retreat during the Spring Festival holiday. 

Christburg Church is also the home church of Rev. Pu Wanming, the founder of Xile Church of Hefei. During the Spring Festival holiday, he and his family returned to his hometown.The pastor held a three-day retreat entitled "New Year and New Life" in the packed church, citing the book of Ephesians.

It is said by the local elderly people that Rev. Samuel Cochran from the Northern (American) Presbyterian Church arrived in the county around 1903 and began the mission. Samuel served as a Presbyterian medical missionary in Huaiyuan. He established many churches, schools and hospitals. At that time half of the county belonged to the church and the gospel was widely spread to all the northern parts of Anhui Province.

In 1958, Christburg Church was damaged and the main building was demolished. Until 1997, a new church was constructed on the same site. 

Translated by Karen Luo

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