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Gong Yoo Speaks About Rumors Regarding Goblin Sequel

By Mei Manuel
on February 15, 2017 22:02 PM

Gong Yoo: (credit:

After a few weeks since it ended, rumors regarding a sequel to hit tvN drama "Goblin" has been circulating online given the open-ended nature of the ending.

The drama's finale - broadcast on January 21st - showed that "Goblin" which is played by Gong Yoo was reunited with his bride after she reincarnated. Due to the ending's nature, many fans were asking for another season but in a tweet, Gong Yoo confirmed that there will be no Season 2 for "Goblin".

The author of the drama, Kim Eun Sook, received the title of being the best writer in Korea thanks to her success in creating the drama which many say was perfect in every aspect. The fantasy, historical, and modern elements captivated the audience to the point it ensured the drama continously received stellar ratings every episode.

In a tweet, Gong Yoo addressed the rumors and commented that "some stories are always better to end as it is." He reassured fans that Kim will continue working on amazing fantasy stories like "Goblin" and encouraged viewers to look out for new projects that Kim Eun Sook is going to work on in the future.


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