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- December 18, 2017 -


Lee Min Ho Announces New Album

By Mei Manuel
on February 18, 2017 02:02 AM

Always by LEE MIN HO: (credit: Soompi)


Lee Min Ho will be releasing a new single album titled "Always by LEE MIN HO," his first album in two years.

As part of his 10th debut anniversary, Lee Min Ho will be releasing a new single album entitled "Always by LEE MIN HO".

The album is his first after two years since he last released an album in 2015 and usually, these albums are dedicated to fans. The new single will debut at his fan meetings in February and then it will be released globally in March.

Lee Min Ho first began making songs for his fans in 2013, when he released his special album "My Everything." In the album, he expressed his appreciation and love for his fans through the lyrics of his songs.

The global release of the actor's single was unheard of before because Lee Min Ho wasn't promoting himself mostly as a singer. However, the release of the album worldwide shows the power of the actor's charisma and his dedication to his fans. He returned back to acting after three years with "The Legend of the Blue Sea", which further cemented his fanbase in Asia, Americas and Europe.

His previous albums have done well on music charts, especially abroad. His first mini album "My Everything" took the No.1 spot on Japan's Oricon daily album chart and his track "Song For You" topped Taiwan's iTunes.


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