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The Different Forms of Infidelity in Marriage

By M. Grace
on March 06, 2017 20:03 PM

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A small drop of water can cause ripple effect. Just like in marriage, when a husband or wife decided to try a "harmless fling" with another man/woman, the whole family can be ripped apart which may cause both parents and the family the home they created.

Infidelity destroys marriages. It means it is a sexual affair which is the most considered destructive form of infidelity. There are also other ways were husband/wife can be unfaithful with their partners. These smaller acts of infidelity often lead to sexual affair.

In literal definition, infidelity means "broken trust or broken loyalty."

In order to keep your loyalty and not commit infidelity, take note of these things:

Do not give your loyalty to someone other than your spouse.

If you are giving your loyalty to your parents then this is already an act of infidelity. If you are more concerned with your friends than you husband as his wife then you are cheating in a way. If you are giving your time more to your job and career then you are being unfaithful. If only you give more and give first to your spouse then your marriage and relationship will dramatically improve for sure.

Do not give divorce as a threat.

Divorce is rampant nowadays and we feel different with our husband/wife, we then actually think we married the wrong person and turn to legal matters by divorcing our spouse. When we offer divorce then that means we broke the sacred trust formed between our partners. View the struggle as an opportunity to work together with your partner and it will make your relationship stronger.

Do not turn to emotional affairs.

When we feel bad about our husband/wife, we find another person who can understand us. This may lead to infidelity as it will lead to sexual affairs. They may begin innocent but it may end up quickly destroying your loyalty to your partner.

Whatever you are facing right now, you can get it through the help of your partner and with God in the center of your relationship. Do not lose hope and do not give up easily with your marriage.

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